fig|ure1 [ `fıgjər ] noun ***
▸ 1 number/amount
▸ 2 important person
▸ 3 drawing in a book
▸ 4 mathematical shape
▸ 5 person or person's shape
1. ) count often plural an official number that has been counted or calculated:
Government figures show a continued decline in unemployment.
This year's sales figures were excellent.
The final inflation figure was 6.5% for the year.
a ) a number:
She sat and stared at the figures on the page.
single/double figures (=a number above/below 10): Inflation has reached double figures for the first time in 15 years.
b ) an amount of money:
What kind of figure are we looking at for this project?
put a figure on something: It's difficult to put an exact figure on the rebuilding work.
three/four/five/six figures: The chairman's bonus payment could well reach six figures this year.
c ) figures plural calculations that you do using numbers
2. ) count someone who is important in some way:
a prominent/key/leading figure
She was the dominant figure in British politics in the 1980s.
a ) a father/mother figure someone who is considered by others to be like a father or mother
3. ) count a drawing in a book that gives information: ILLUSTRATION, DIAGRAM:
Figure 8 illustrates changing patterns of employment over the years.
4. ) count TECHNICAL a shape in mathematics:
a five-sided figure
5. ) count used for talking about someone you do not know, when you are referring to the shape of their body:
A small figure appeared in the doorway.
a ) a picture or model of someone:
There are three figures in the foreground.
a stone figure of a man
b ) the shape of a woman's body, for example whether she is fat or thin:
How to achieve the perfect figure without dieting.
Now in her fifties, she still has a fabulous figure.
keep your figure (=stay thin): After a certain age, you have to work hard to keep your figure.
watch your figure (=be careful about what you eat so that you do not become fat): No cake for me, thanks, I have to watch my figure.
a figure of fun BRITISH
someone who is laughed at by other people
=> FINE1
fig|ure 2 [ `fıgjər ] verb ***
1. ) intransitive to be an important part of something:
figure in: Marriage doesn't figure in their plans.
figure prominently: This issue will figure prominently in the next election.
2. ) intransitive or transitive INFORMAL to believe that something is true, although you do not know for certain:
figure (that): I figured that Joe would have received my letter by now.
it/that figures SPOKEN
1. ) used for saying that something seems reasonable
2. ) used for saying that you are not surprised when something bad happens to you:
It figures that I'd break my leg as soon as the ski season started.
,figure `out phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to be able to understand something or solve a problem:
We had to figure out the connection between the two events.
figure out how/what/who etc.: I couldn't figure out what the teacher was talking about.
2. ) figure someone out to understand what someone is like and why they behave in the way they do

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